Teschi C. Kypridis - Contemporary Artist

"A Voyage into the Subconscious"

Teschi was born and raised in Northern Germany and studied Art & Design at the University in Mannheim. She has spent many years travelling. In 2016 she moved permanently to Greece, having her residences and ateliers in Athens as well as on the island of Karpathos. Teschi participated in art projects and contests and exhibits some of her art works in German and Greek galleries.

The artist sees her work as an act of liberation. She says "It's all about freedom". She articulates this by stating that " the freedom of all expediency is the greatest challenge for art - and it's a most noble provocation”. Quoting Schiller who said that “all art is found in freedom” she contends that the act of artistic creation frees, even if temporarily, from all constraints. So, it's like a complete soul commitment.

With this perspective she describes her own artistic activity by saying “When I start to paint, I stop thinking consciously - that is my happiness and my freedom. As I paint subconsciously, there are no direct instructions, no formal concepts, there is only the knowledge of using the right colours. So, painting for me is letting go, meditation and development”. She finally states: “Painting is my LIFE!”

Teschi's artworks can also be considered as non-conventional mantras, that have the determination to remind us to embody and manifest a life in mindfulness and awareness.